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Today, all business journeys have to be recorded in some shape or form. With this in mind, the team at Acesspack dreamed up a product which was capable of responding to a twofold need: to prevent the risk of error or omission and to automate the process in order to save time and raise reliability. Memorys was born !

The advantages Memorys offers you

Fully automatic

From data capture to your travel claim, the entire process takes place automatically.


A time recorder (badge) in your vehicle and software on your computer : no further installation is required.


Once a week or once a month, just plug your badge into your computer and draw up your travel claim.


Your journeys are tracked by means of geosatellite positioning, guaranteeing precise data. You are free to choose between “nomadic” (wireless) connection, and between temporary or permanent connection. Three different modes of use and connection to the vehicle’s electrical system.Traceability solution for the tax authorities. Memorys provides the ideal traceability solution if you need to be able to substantiate your journeys by vehicle for possible tax inspections.


How do I differentiate between my business and my private journeys?

The Memorys badge lets you identify a journey as private just by pressing the push button provided for the purpose (see badge instructions). The table summarising your journeys then includes a column for personal journeys, the destination addresses of which are not shown.

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