Our Products

ACE's products for the Aftermarket are INNOVATIVE products and are often patented.

Mainly, one of our products is the non-intrusive tow-bar wiring kit : STS V1.5  and  iTS V2.0 with 7 pins socket and for the end of 2012  the iTS V2.0 with 13 pins socket. Another of our products is the Memorys data-logger with 2 applications : the Via Memorys to record journeys and the Memorys Time to record journeys/times

ACE also produces automotive comfort products : Securicar, Conforcar, Assisted Parking System, Rear view Cameras and Monitors

The products for OEM market are electronic accessories for various functions, simple or complex and electronic control units for multiple functions. All these products can be configured to these specific requirements according to the needs of our clients, and manage the Engine functions ( diesel preheating, starting protection, stop-engine function, etc... ) and the Interior Body Car functions ( central door locking, windows monitoring, hatchback opening, etc... )

These products apply to diesel, petrol and electric vehicles : they are developped according to Approuved Automotive Standards  ( electro mechanical connections and protective casings )

Ace also sources for its clients, a wide variety of accessories or specific components as an additional service.